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The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk @25C3
December 22, 2008 » Blog Archive » The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk @25C3


December 14, 2008

Made up my mind to switch. Second day using the final version of Google Chrome, and I’m ready to do my daily Internet crunching the Google way. That means:

  • Leave all my old bookmarks behind, and start a-fresh using Google Bookmarks. Will be using the bookmarklet offered to quickly setup bookmarks, and have already setup a search engine to look them up.
  • Use Google Reader. No more FeedDemon, and that probably means that I’ll remove NetNewsWire from my iPhone, too.
  • Start using the online version of Google Talk. I’m tired of missing all the nice things like multi-party chats, Video chats etc.

#griots – Twitter Search
December 14, 2008

#griots – Twitter Search

Interesting how much closer Internet-age services like Twitter get us to the source of information. This is a live feed of twits re: the greek riots.